Helping Ventures Build And Manage Their Entire Product Lineup.

Product Portfolio Management Consulting To

Scale Your Venture Business

To Market Presence And Profitability With Innovative Solutions

I Build Bold Profit-Generating Products To Balance Venture Innovation And Reveune. My Approach


Unlock Your Venture's Profit Potential

Strategic product portfolio management solutions designed to propel your venture towards unparalleled success. With my  innovative approach, you'll gain complete visibility into your product portfolio, enabling you to identify the most profitable opportunities and optimize revenue throughout the product lifecycle.

My solutions empower you to consistently select winning products, respond swiftly to market shifts, and rank R&D initiatives for maximum impact. Experience the power of strategic portfolio management with me and unleash your venture's full profit potential.

Forge Unity & Drive Success

Stakeholder alignment workshops to foster unity and drive success. My tailored workshops address frustrations faced by venture executives, ensuring everyone works towards common goals and priorities.

Through problem-solving, decision-making, alignment, strategy workshops, retreats, and team-building activities, I facilitate open communication and shared understanding. My  solution creates a culture of accountability, empowering quick and confident decision-making.

Experience increased productivity and a cohesive team dynamic with our solutions and transform your venture's alignment for sustainable success. Let's forge unity and drive your venture forward.

Standardize your product management pratcice

Agile Product Management Solutions to help ventures go from doing agile to being agile, We’ll provide you with clear visibility into all your products, straw-lined processes across the organization, and faster time to market.

With our standardized processes, product playbooks, and training and coaching for your product teams, we'll turn your organization into a product-led powerhouse. Say goodbye to inconsistent processes llack of accountability, the risk of project failure, and delays in product launches hello to streamlined workflows that enhance collaboration and communication across your entire organization. Together, let's empower your product journey and drive your venture to new heights of success.

Revolutionize Your Sales and Marketing for Scalable Solutions.

Leveraged sales and marketing solutions to drive venture growth. We help identify your ideal clients, craft compelling messaging, and differentiate your brand in the market. With our scalable sales funnel, email marketing automation, and branding solutions, we'll transform your approach to sales and marketing.

Say goodbye to inconsistent sales systems and focus on enhancing the customer experience and investing in the right sales technology to propel your venture forward.

Unlock the full potential of your sales and marketing efforts. Together, let's revolutionize your approach and drive unprecedented growth for your venture.

Integrated Solutions for Venture Success

Empowered  innovation solution to drive venture success. We unleash the entrepreneurial spirit within your team and revolutionize your approach to innovation.we empower ventures by helping them build their own innovation teams and guiding them through our integrated sprint process, which encompasses product, design, and marketing. From the development phase to continuous delivery, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Say goodbye to difficulties in scaling innovation , With our guidance, you'll identify market opportunities, align with market demand, and accelerate your innovation efforts like never before.

Embark on a journey of empowered innovation. Together, let's unlock your team's full potential and drive unprecedented success for your venture.

Benefits of Engaging with me


From being a multipotentialite trying on every new idea , to loosing all my family income on a business I was 100% sure will work. To becoming a broke stay at home home with 3 little kids.

And then restarting my carrer at a venture builder to learn the ropes.

It’s been Quite the Journey failing more than 8 times

How to engage with Rafiat

Step 1:
Schedule a 30 Mins Clarity Call. Book a time on my calendar to find out more of how I can help

Step 2:

I will Share with you my prioorietory SCALE  Framework You will learn more about my proprietary SCALE framwork built solely for Ventures and how it can help your venture.

Step 3:

Start the project Once we are on the same page with your requirement , we will kickstart the project immediately.

Make Better Decisions

Venture 360 audit enables ventures and visionary leaders to get clariity into every product, ideas in their ecosystem to make informed decision and increase Revenue

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